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Do you use a piercing gun?

NO! Absolutely not. Piercing guns have a spring-loaded action that creates a loud noise and causes tissue damage. Lasting Beauty uses a hand pressured piercing instrument that is very smooth and quiet. This system is so efficient, most people say they feel no discomfort at all when they are pierced.

Will I get to choose the earrings that will pierce my ears?

Each client will have an opportunity to choose earrings from our specially curated inventory. Lasting Beauty offers 14k yellow or white gold, titanium and medical grade surgical steel piercing earrings. Have something specific in mind? A special order for piercing earrings can be placed.

Are your piercing earrings hypoallergenic?

Short answer, yes. We have something for everyone; 14k gold, titanium and surgical steel. Some people believe that 14k gold is less prone to allergic reactions. Titanium is very good as well; which is why that metal is used in joint replacements. The majority of people would shy away from surgical steel, because it has some nickel in it. But our earrings are made in the USA to the highest standards and have the lowest possible amount of nickel; making them very hypoallergenic!

What makes Lasting Beauty by Christa piercings “clinical?”

Christa is also a healthcare professional and because of her healthcare background, she has a very good understanding of infection control. Healthy healing starts with clean and healthy piercings. Her piercing earrings are sterilized at the manufacturer and are fully encapsulated until it is pierced into the ear. There is no handling of the earring before the piercing. This eliminates the possibility of any cross contamination.

What is curated ear design, and do you offer it?

Curated ear designs are very trendy right now! Curated ears are a collection of piercings and jewelry that perfectly compliment each other; creating a work of art on the ear. Every ear is unique and curated ear designs are customized to each client. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your ideas and we can map out a beautiful ear design for you.

Do you offer needle ear piercings?

Yes, I offer tragus, rook, conch, flat, septum, helix and forward helix. If there’s an ear piercing you’d like, chances are, we can do it for you!

What should I do if I think my piercing is infected?

A piercing is an open wound that should be cleaned several times per day. Infection can happen if the piercing is not cleaned regularly, or if trauma occurs. Trauma could be as simple as sleeping on the new piercing or getting it caught when removing a shirt or even getting hair wrapped around the post. If you think your piercing is infected, begin cleaning it more frequently. You can also soak a cotton ball with the ear care solution provided to you and attach it to the back of the piercing overnight. This can be done as often as needed. If you have further questions, please contact us! I am here for you!

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