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Have previous Microblading and

in need of a touch up?

I do not offer Microblading because it is only suitable for 15% of skin types.

As Microblading ages the strokes tend to blend and  blurr together and can cause scarring over time of having this procedure. 

Your skin can only take in so much pigment

and over time you will need to transition to a powder brow.

Do your strokes look gray or blurred?

There are 2 reasons for this. The first is that your artist went to deep which will cause the strokes to blurr or your skin was not a canidate for Microblading. 

The Good News!

I am able to cover up Microblading using a machine to create a beautiful Powder Ombre Brow! Questions, please contact me with pictures of your current brows! 

I would love to create a new look for you!

What if I wasn't the Original Artist who did your brows and you want a touch up?

I will need images of your brows in order to access them and the cost would be what I would charge a new client.

Saline Lightening

Do you have previous microblading or makeup on your brows that you no longer like or are to dark to touch up?

Tattoo removal and lightening may be

what you do.

This is for a full brow removal. 


Did you have your brows done and you are not happy with the results? This can be done up to 48 hours after your procedure. 

Sessions needed may vary depending on brows .

charged per session with 8 weeks

for healing needed.  

Free Consultations, could take 3 to 5 Sessions dependant on area being removed.



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Powder Ombre


Powder Brows are a Semi-permanent technique
that is done with a machine to create a soft powdery brow. This ideal for over waxed, over tweezed, or thinning eyebrows. Perfect for mature and oily skin. Ideal to covering scars, gaps and hair loss, by defining a shape, creating an arch or adding density. This technique is good for all skin types
better color retention and easier healing.

(Price subject to change without a deposit to hold appointment)


-Must be done within 8 weeks of initial appointment.


This is a Service performed within 12-18
months of initial procedure done by Lasting
Beauty by Christa. It is beneficial for Brows
that are faded and in need of a
touch up or color boost.
-$300 if booked after 18 months.​

This procedure is the same as the Ombre' Brows except using a manual tool hair strokes are added in the bulb (front) of the brow. This technique is perfect for those lacking hair in this area.  


Unsure which Procedure is for you?

Book a 20 minute Consult!

Please Email or text for an Appointment

date and time. 



$100 Deposit Required to book appointment.

This is placed towards your Service.

This is non-refundable if you should cancel your appointment less than 72 hours prior to appointment day. 

A copy of your  Driver's License is required to keep in your file.  Please bring  to your Appointment as this is Required by the Iowa Department of Public Health.


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